Parts of a Turbocharger

What makes up a turbocharger and what are the terms used for each part.

<<Image of Turbo Cut Out>>

Major Components of the Turbo Charger

Compressor Housing

Text and image of Comp. housing


Text and image of CHRA. oil lubrication and water cooling systems

Turbine Housing

Text and Image of Turbine Housing

Waste gate and Variable geometry types


Text and Image of Actuator

Actions and functions 


Minor Components of Turbocharger Section

Text and image of Comp. Housing. 

a/r and trim value

what is a/r and trim of a compressor housing

sizing of intake/ outflow

description of the sizing of each section

Air intake porting

what it does and how it helps chock and surge limits

The Central Housing Rotating Assembly

Central Hub and Back plate

Housing and back plate

Shaft & Wheel

Image and explanation

Compressor Wheels

the types and specifications

Integral Part of the Interior

Bearing Systems

Types of Bearings

Picture and Explanation of Journal and Ball Bearings

the importance of oil film

Thrust Bearing

Image and Explanation axial thrust management

Oil Flinger

Image and Explanation..

Thrust Ring and Thrust Spacer

Oil Deflector

image and description

Compression rings

image and info


image and info

information and images of types list


what is and why important

Mounting type

T2.5, T3 and bolt pattern options

Twin Scroll

functions and image (gif)

Manifold incorporated

image and description, compact size. 

material selections and future applications in downsizing

Waste Gate and Nozzle Rings

what they are and what are the differences


External waste gates and Blow of Valves

what are the types of actuators


image and explanation


Image and explanation of types

Position sensing, mix valve regulated, boost controlled

Electrical and Hydraulic

image and explanation of these, program controlled

These are a basic explanation and terminology for the different parts of the Turbo Charger. Each Factory may have some variations to these names and may look or function in different ways but the general concept is the same. 

When contacting us, it is helpful that you have a basic understanding of how to refer to each part and what is the basic roll in the operation of a turbocharger.

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