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The New Garrett Advancing Motion

In an exciting change, arguably the most widely known manufacturer of turbo technology has recently undergone some existing changes and shifted gears in the marketplace.

The well known brand of Honeywell Garrett has invested again in the Garrett brand name and made its statement with allowing the company to grow to new horizons under its own boosted power.


The Honeywell Garrett is now Garrett Advancing Motion



190522 Garrett Logo Change

Over the past months you will have seen through our Turbo Hellas Trading Ltd. advertising and your turbocharger boxes showing up with the new Garrett Advancing Motion brand logo and we are here to assure you that our long standing support and confidence is proudly continuing with the Garrett Advancing Motion brand name.

Same great product. Same great support.  Advancing even further into the future.

Along with this are exciting new products coming and even more horsepower pushing PERFORMANCE INNOVATIONS which you have come to expect from Turbo Hellas and the Garrett teams.

If you have any question regarding this change and how to be sure that you, the end client, is receiving a genuine product, please contact us and we are glad to assist as Master Distributors of Garrett Advancing Motion.


Turbo Hellas Trading Ltd.

Master Distributor



Turbo Hellas Ltd. Official Distributor of IHI Greece

IHI Update of Market Representation by Turbo Hellas Trading Ltd.

 190522 IHI Turbo Logo


IHI Corporation previously Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd is one of Japans most successful companies with a range of technologies from Aerospace , · Gas turbine manufacturing, Shipbuilding, Nuclear technology and of course, turbocharger manufacturers.

Known for its extremely durable and specialized applications ranging from WRC Rally applications to being the choice for turbo charging of many exotic supercar manufactures, IHI knows and selects its market with Japans pride and attention to detail.

In 2019, the IHI brand has reworked its distribution network and Turbo Hellas is proud to be the major player in the region to support this effort.

IHI TURBO is coming out with New logo and new branded boxes in an effort to ensure that the client is able to be assured that the supply is original IHI turbo quality and support.

Please note the changes of the products that are coming from us as authorized distributors of the IHI TURBO brand and the new logos that will be on the boxes from now on.


Turbo Hellas Trading Ltd.

Managment Team

Honeywell Garrett features Turbo Hellas in corporate news letter

Turbo Hellas Trading Ltd is proud to be featured in Honeywell Garrett Newsletter for representing Garrett Performance Products. 
Η εταιρεία Turbo Hellas Trading Ltd είναι υπερήφανη για την παρουσία της στο ενημερωτικό δελτίο της Honeywell Garrett για την εκπροσώπηση των προιόντων της Garrett Performance.



Turbo Hellas, the Honeywell Garrett Distributor for Performance Products in Greece, showcased at the Athens Motorsport Festival The large audience of 5000 car and motorsports enthusiasts could admire the: Nissan Silvia, Drift and HillClimb Turbocharged by a GTX 3076 Gen II without other engine modif...


GARRETT NEW G25-550 and G25-660
Turbo Hellas Trading Ltd is proud to present Honeywell Garrett latest new Performance Turbo literally changing the game in the tuning workshops..
Honeywell Garrett has just introduced, minutes ago at SEMA, a new small frame turbo designed for 1.4 to 3.0 liter engine capacity, creating ‘the most powerful small frame turbocharger on the market’. 
See below the first images and information and follow us to see more details and images over the next days about this exciting new product from Garrett Performance Development. Brought to you as always, by the only official Garrett Performance Distributor and a Honeywell Garrett Master Distributor in Greece.




Turbo Hellas Trading Ltd.


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