EFR 7670 - 179392, 375 - 600 HP Turbo

EFR 7670 - 179392, 375 - 600 HP Turbo EFR 7670 - 179392, 375 - 600 HP Turbo

Turbo Features

  • Gamma-Ti Turbine Wheel
  • Dual Ball Bearing Assy with Metal Cage
  • Forged Milled Extended Tip Compressor Wheel
  • Stainless Steel Turbine Housing
  • Water Cooled Bearing Housing
  • Large Internal Wastegate (where applicable)
  • Compressor Recirculation Valve (a.k.a BOV)
  • Boost Control Solenoid Valve
  • Standard T4 Mounting Flange

Not included with turbo assemblies:

  • Speed sensor
  • Turbine outlet V-Band
  • Turbine inlet gasket
  • Oil drain gasket or drain port fitting

Compressor Map

Housing Options
Turbine Housing Options

Turbine Housing Part Number
A/R  Inlet Flange Shape Housing Config.
12701008014 0.83 T3 Single Scroll WG
12701008016 0.92 T4 Twin Scroll WG
12701019047 1.05 T4 Twin Scroll Non-WG

Turbo Part Number Turbo Frame Size Super Core Part Number Comp. Wheel Outer Dia. (in) Comp. Wheel Inducer Dia. (in) Comp. Wheel Outer Dia. (mm) Comp. Wheel Inducer Dia. (mm) Turbine Wheel Outer Dia. Turbo A/R Inlet Flange Config
179392 B2 179350 3.00 2.25 76.2 57.2 70.0 1.05 T4

Turbo Frame Dimensions

Super Core Configuration

The following parts are not included as part of the super-core assembly: turbine housing, assembly, clamp plate hardware, wastegate parts.


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