The New Garrett Advancing Motion

In an exciting change, arguably the most widely known manufacturer of turbo technology has recently undergone some existing changes and shifted gears in the marketplace.

The well known brand of Honeywell Garrett has invested again in the Garrett brand name and made its statement with allowing the company to grow to new horizons under its own boosted power.


The Honeywell Garrett is now Garrett Advancing Motion



190522 Garrett Logo Change

Over the past months you will have seen through our Turbo Hellas Trading Ltd. advertising and your turbocharger boxes showing up with the new Garrett Advancing Motion brand logo and we are here to assure you that our long standing support and confidence is proudly continuing with the Garrett Advancing Motion brand name.

Same great product. Same great support.  Advancing even further into the future.

Along with this are exciting new products coming and even more horsepower pushing PERFORMANCE INNOVATIONS which you have come to expect from Turbo Hellas and the Garrett teams.

If you have any question regarding this change and how to be sure that you, the end client, is receiving a genuine product, please contact us and we are glad to assist as Master Distributors of Garrett Advancing Motion.


Turbo Hellas Trading Ltd.

Master Distributor



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